Our Vision

Living & Aging with Pride is a unique multimedia platform television program that addresses the inevitability of aging and the unique challenges that impact the aging communities’ quality of life. Living & Aging With Pride will serve as a resource to individuals facing the inescapable reality of aging, uplifting them and preventing them from becoming a statistic without a face, and without a story.

In partnership with local and national groups, Living & Aging With Pride will produce informative and entertaining multimedia content focused on enhancing the quality of life for the the aging community at large.

Our Mission

Mission: To ensure that our aging populations are not forgotten and have access to the tools, resources and remedies for issues that impact their lives, so they can be viable economic and social assets to their families and communities.

Core Values: Ensuring truth in media messages through integrity, honesty, wisdom and strong family principles.

Strategies: Our strategy is to make our multimedia systems accessible over various platforms to disseminate the messages, solutions and resources to the growing aging population and their families. This much-needed aid will provide useable and valuable information to ensure wellness and healthy lifestyles. We will produce content that is relevant. Our block of episodes will feature current topics/issues.

Goals: Building a viable communication tool laden with useable resources and reliability delivered by a unique television show and other broad media distribution platforms. Living and Aging with Pride will create easily accessible information to alleviate the burdens of the disenfranchised aging population. One Step for Mankind is a big step for aging.

Objectives: To establish our show, the Broadcast Podcast of Living and Aging with Pride as the Paradox of Aging with Pride, to be a formidable vehicle of adaptable change for the aging and disenfranchised communities in Utah, America, and ultimately around the Globe.